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DEMAT' MANAGER is the ideal solution for organizations who receive a lot of printed documents (letters, faxes) and need to extract the data for input to its business applications and for triggering actions. Handling paper is laborious, unproductive, costly, and error-prone. Archives take up a lot of space. That's why DEMAT' MANAGER gets rid of the paper, facilitates and speeds up your processing, and integrates with your workflow to boost your performance.




DEMAT' MANAGER consists of a set of modules for automating much of the document handling process (receipt, centralized filing, digitizing, OCR text conversion). This processing is invisible to the user. Once all these operations are complete, the document becomes accessible in the DEMAT' MANAGER Web interface. The user can then finish off any manual processing using the various custom features configured in the interface. The user can for example copy the information necessary to order processing and paste it into the ERP, usually displayed on a separate screen.





  • Taking the FAXBIS fax-by-e-mail service one step further, DEMAT' MANAGER also does away with the actual printing of the fax and provides a copy in PDF or TIFF format. No need to go to the fax machine any more. The documents appear directly on the user's work screen.
  • The letters are scanned and received by the solution
  • Incoming e-mails to one or more given addresses are also received by the solution


Centralized filing

All these documents are centralized and put through pre-processing (straightening of crooked documents and conversion to PDF, allowing manual processing and copy/pasting of text).


Analysis & distribution

Analysis by an OCR module (optical character recognition) is the stage where most of the solution's intelligence is concentrated. The document’s sender can be recognized along with the document type (order, complaint, price request, etc.), and tagged fields can be read to extract the necessary information. Depending on the information thus recorded, the document is then automatically distributed to the appropriate business unit, service, or user. The document is accessible through the Web interface where it is available for final manual handling by an operator.

Documents that can't be distributed automatically appear in a virtual dispatch tray on the Web interface. A designated operator can then dispatch them with a single click on the virtual in-tray of the intended recipient.




In the standard configuration, the operator extracts the relevant information from each document by copying it for pasting into the ERP window on the second screen.

Advanced features allow comments to be attached, validation to be requested, the document to be flagged as pending, to be trimmed, an e-mail or fax reply to be returned to the sender, etc.




After the information has been processed, DEMAT' MANAGER enables archiving of the document in the AVM Up cloud by a single click and allows its retrieval from the archive by searching on the document’s attributes. The documents can also be forwarded to an EDM system.




SaaS mode solution absolutely does not imply inflexible preset configuration. Your DEMAT' MANAGER is customized to match your process requirements exactly, so that processing each document is a really quick and simple operation. That's why every implementation of DEMAT' MANAGER starts with an audit of your requirements, of your existing process, and of your constraints. We study your process, the manipulations made, the required operations, and the scope for improvement. The interface is then modelled and progressively tuned to your needs:

  • Toolbars are placed where the user looks for them naturally
  • Extraneous features are omitted to keep the interface streamlined
  • The tray buttons can be graphically customized
  • Document masks are created for maximum processing automation
  • etc.

Processing a document is like a formula 1 pit stop. Screen and mouse operations are reduced to a strict minimum to fluidize processing and eliminate time drains.

This prior audit phase is also the opportunity to integrate the new process with people's work habits, improving them without causing upheaval.





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