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APOLINE controls your incoming calls, interfacing with your PABX and with your directories and/or information system. The calls are therefore directly distributed to the right recipient without human intervention. A set of configurable features is also available to improve caller satisfaction, to relieve the workload of those in charge of the switchboard, and to offer 24h/24 telephone answering. As a recognized telephone operator, we can also provide a premium rate number that brings in extra revenue from the moment it is implemented. 


  • Analogue or IP
  • Up to 120 channels for processing 120 simultaneous calls
  • Pre-recorded or vocally synthesized (text-to-speech) replies: greeting and waiting messages, announcement of opening times, event-specific messages, etc.
  • Call switching to the requested contact or service after multilingual voice recognition or DTMF selection (pressing the relevant number button on the dial)
  • External redirection of calls (to mobile phones)
  • Integration with your information system (ERP, CRM, etc.) for interrogating databases and informing the caller of the reply via text-to-speech
  • Recognition of the caller with filtering, enabling caller-specific scripted answers
  • Call recording and transmission of the message to a momentarily unavailable contact
  • Notification of dispatch by e-mail and/or SMS
  • Web interface for supervising the service (number of calls processed, time-to-pick-up, failed or abandoned calls, etc.)
  • APOLINE contains a stand-alone script editor for creating and updating a collection of reply scripts that can vary according to the time of day, news, events, etc.


How APOLINE ensures your ROI
  • Economical solution due to its modularity and the ability to subscribe to no more than needed: absolutely no redundant or extraneous functions
  • Available 24/7
    especially during absence (lieu time, leave, illness) or closing hours
  • Optimization of human resources running the telephone answering service allowing those involved to concentrate on higher added value tasks
  • Transparent absorption of call peaks
    avoiding frustrated callers
  • Reduction of waiting time and consequently of lost or abandoned calls
  • Flexibility: adaptation to the opening hours of each service
  • 100% customer satisfaction: all calls are switched through to a telephone, an assistant, a mobile phone, or interactive vocal messaging
  • Supervision and management of corrective actions: the Web interface and listening module allow ongoing quality monitoring and management of call answering

Even better than ROI, an additional income stream

AVM Up proposes taking things a step further by implementing a premium rate number or short code which brings in money from the moment you roll out the vocal server. Though you might be reticent about making contacts pay to call you, this choice does guarantee them a quality answering service and dissuades needless calls. The payments obtained from a premium number go beyond simply financing the vocal server solution and provide our customers with a genuine additional income stream. AVM Multimedia is the AVM Up subsidiary who manages the “premium rate number” service. By contacting them on their site, you can find out more about the different payment distribution schemes, which vary with the expected volume of calls.



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