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CAMPAIGN MANAGER is a Web service for managing communication campaigns via 3 different channels: E-MAIL, SMS, FAX. Depending on the recipient's profile, the type of information communicated, the urgency, the type of action expected, the objective sought, or the contact information in your possession, CAMPAIGN MANAGER lets you choose the most effective channel for broadcasting your message.


Un service Web qui rime avec simplicité

There's no software to install. You contact us to subscribe to the service, you receive your ID to connect to the Web interface, and a few minutes later and you're ready with the intuitive interface to kick off your first campaign 




Gestion des contacts

Directly import your recipient lists in Excel format. CAMPAIGN MANAGER automatically deletes any duplicates and rejects faulty contacts (unknown phone number formats, badly formed e-mail addresses, etc.). You can choose grouping by columns to facilitate sorting when the results are analysed. You can use the same file for all 3 media (e-mail, SMS, fax) if the information is separated into 3 different columns.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER provides blacklist management, which groups all contacts who have unsubscribed from the mailing lists associated with an account.




Programmation des heures de routage


CAMPAIGN MANAGER lets you defer the start of each campaign by specifying the time and day to begin. You can also limit which times and days your campaign is to be routed on. You thus target the specific moment when you want your contacts to receive the message.




For e-mail campaigns, an HTML content editor can be used to create an eye-catching e-mail that combines text and images and requires no special skills. As with a word processor, lay out your e-mail in tables, include the image, and format the text. You can even copy and paste from Word.

Maybe you have the skills to design an advanced HTML page with other tools, or maybe you have a provider that does all that for you. CAMPAIGN MANAGER lets you import your creation and see the result directly in the interface. 

CAMPAIGN MANAGER also lets you add attachments to your mail. 






When designing an SMS campaign, remember a window is essentially limited to 140 characters. To get round this constraint and send longer messages, several SMS texts can be serialized into one long message: people with smartphones won't even see the joins. CAMPAIGN MANAGER lets you send these long SMS messages (maximum of 7 linked texts per dispatch). The number of characters remaining and the combined number of SMS messages are updated as you type.


Preparing a fax campaign is a simple matter of retrieving the files containing the content to be faxed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) and scheduling time slots for their dispatch.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER offers a choice of two qualities for the fax. The standard fax is what most people on the market offer, with no alternative choice. When you use a fax specialist like AVM Up, however, committed to high quality service, you also have the fine fax option. Fine format faxes have higher resolution and the content is easier to read, providing a more pleasant experience for the recipient.





CAMPAIGN MANAGER’s mass mailing function lets you customize the message to each contact on the mailing list. Customize the sender, the message subject, and even the content (points totals, miscellaneous results, target specific prices, etc.). Best of all, hit home immediately by speaking directly to the recipient. “Dear Mr. Wilson” will always attract more attention than "To whom it may concern". It's not even difficult. Just give the Excel columns titles, e.g., "name", then place that title between characters thus: $(name) wherever you want the corresponding content of that column to appear.


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