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Temporary employment agency network

WORK 2000

WORK 2000 is a French network of 30 temp agencies. Certain of these are specialist branches (Building/PW, Hyper/Supermarkets, Office Services, Hotels/Bars/Restaurants) while others are more general.

Many documents are sent out by fax, especially invoices and contracts. Faxes are particularly useful for the instant transmission of pre-signed contracts, which are compulsory in certain organizations when employing a temp.

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Before adopting FAXBIS, there were a lot of separate machines: laser printer on one hand, fax pool with mixed makes on the other. Apart from anything else, WORK 2000 consumed an awful lot of paper with this system.

With the geographical spread of their branches and an increasing number of machines to maintain, the IT staff was being overwhelmed. The decision was therefore made to unify the machines by replacing the whole lot with multifunction copiers.

Leaving aside the objective of saving money on paper, a study of requirements showed that an electronic faxing solution could also solve mobility and response time issues. Two solutions were then looked at: fax server and fax in SaaS mode.

A complete turnkey offering was proposed, comprising the Canon multifunction copier pool, an EDM system, and the FAXBIS service.

The SaaS solution was privileged for network and telecoms infrastructure optimization. This freed up the dedicated telephone lines, and in the case of a geographically dispersed organization, avoided installing a fax platform on one or more sites and requiring bandwidth for communication between the sites and server(s).

Now that the multifunction copier can be used for faxing, staff hardly needs to leave their desks. Fax transmission and receipt are invoked directly from desktop computers via the e-mail boxes.



The first benefit that WORK 2000 will tell you about is the responsiveness the solution shows when handling faxes, especially incoming ones. No more need to wait around the machine: recipients see an instant display of their fax on the screen without leaving their desk; roaming staff see theirs on a mobile terminal (laptop PC or smartphone). Immediately on receipt, actions can be automatically triggered with no dead time, which makes exchanges much more fluid and improves relations between the branches, temps, and their customers. The Web interface is even used by certain roaming staff for processing their fax immediately on receipt when they don't have access to their e-mail.

The next benefit they will tell you about is savings. Just counting telephone subscriptions, hardware maintenance, and expendables (paper & toner) alone, WORK 2000 has calculated a saving of 28% on these items.

The simplicity of the solution is very much appreciated by all its users. The IT manager now spends no more than half an hour training new starters in the use of FAXBIS.


At the time of writing, WORK 2000 hasn't yet taken up the SMS option (SMSbis), accessible through FAXBIS by the simple purchase of an SMS credit pack. But they are looking at it closely in their continuing search for responsiveness and fluidity of exchanges. One notable benefit of this communication channel is the ability to simultaneously notify all potential candidates of a new mission in an instant.