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Nonprofit organization


OVE is an French association managing a facility of sixty or so social and socio-medical establishments and services for adults, adolescents, and children with disabilities or in a situation of great difficulty. 3,000 persons are received by the association's 1,300 employees. OVE undertook a modernization campaign in 1995 and equipped itself with the human and high performance technical resources to match its ambition of solidarity.

The fax is not a media that OVE likes to privilege, but they are left with no choice by certain of their contacts, notably the auditing authorities, who dictate the use of the fax for communication of confidential documents.

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The transition to Faxbis took place in phases. At the outset, each structure had its fax machine and dedicated fax line. Later, the specific machines were replaced by a Canon multifunction copier.

As far as OVE is concerned, the fax is anything but a creator of value. It's a constraint and an expense they would gladly do without. Their objective is therefore to bring its cost down to the absolute minimum. And when you learn that for every useful fax received at OVE there is a mountain of unsolicited ones (spam), it's not hard to understand that enough is enough as far as this consumption of paper goes. Therefore, when combining its multiple contracts with Canon into a single contract, OVE took the opportunity to look for a global solution to this dreadful waste of paper.


The fax server solution was quickly discarded as it would give rise to more constraints in a geographically dispersed organization and be less interesting with regard to the volume of faxes. FAXBIS was the logical answer and it quickly carved itself a place in employee's work habits. Every person in the organization thus enjoys the benefit of an account and handles their faxes from their e-mail box. Only useful and necessary faxes are actually printed.

Adopting FAXBIS, with its ability to extend to SMS, quickly opened up people's awareness of the potential of this communication medium in certain situations, notably the alerting of parents or tutors in the event of accompanied persons going missing. OVE therefore purchased an SMS credit pack subscription. 


  • OVE has achieved considerable savings by eliminating all its specific machines and dedicated fax line subscriptions and by slashing the amount of expendables used (paper and toner).
  • In terms of organization, Faxbis has opened up the fax to everyone in the organization, greatly helped by the unlimited user feature of FAXBIS, which unlike the competitors' offerings comes at no extra cost per seat. Thus certain structures that didn't have a fax before now have one.
  • Faxbis has also got rid of the geographical constraint. Anyone attached to an OVE branch can send a fax in the name of the management even though it is based at head office.
  • Faxes can be consulted from the employee's smartphones, allowing them to react immediately on receiving a fax even when roaming.

Generally speaking, the transfer of numbers to FAXBIS takes a couple of days since AVM is an ARCEP registered operator and we handle the procedure ourselves. For OVE, however, the operation was a little more delicate for a specific reason: OVE had numbers from several operators and before deciding on FAXBIS integration they had taken steps to group all this numbers with a single operator. Among this confusion of portability issues and difficulties in obtaining information from each operator, AVM's expertise and good relations came to the rescue of an awkward situation. OVE was able to count on a dedicated contact at AVM who kept them informed throughout the changeover procedure.