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About AVM Up

the highly experienced software vendor, operator, and cloud service provider

AVM Up is a blend of 35 years' experience, a close knit company (40 staff), and a relentless dynamic approach in fast-growth areas like multi-channel communication (E-MAIL, SMS, FAX, VOICE), the paperless office, and cloud services.



What we do

We are market leaders in paperless solutions for automating the management process, where this involves information exchange by fax, e-mail, letter, SMS or EDI. We are therefore widely acknowledged as a major provider of high-end communication servers (fax server, SMS server, e-mail application, vocal server). We adopted the cloud approach several years ago. Doing so has enabled us to offer an e-mail based fax and SMS solution, a paperless solution for order receiving and processing, a campaign management tool, and voice solutions, all in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. All our solutions can be combined with other solutions, opening them up to multi-channel communication and automatic processing. Our vocation: to improve productivity and to secure the company's critical processes and communication channels.



Total control!

We are able to guarantee the quality of our services because we remain in control from start to finish, from programming the core software through to managing the operator platform. That's AVM Up's three-pronged expertise for you: 

Software vendor

Twelve developers program software with new modules and new features to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Four server and network experts are dedicated to installation, configuration, upgrading, and direct supervision of our own redundant servers installed in the ultra-secure French data centres of major operators (Colt, SFR, Verizon).

AVM Up enjoys the status of operator*, allowing us to totally manage the Telecom infrastructure and provide numbers from our own number inventory, including a highly effective number transfer service.

*AVM Up is a designated operator following ARCEP decision No.06-1304 of 19/12/2006



Customer service close at handService Clients

Our Customer Service staff, composed of IT and telecommunication experts, is housed in our Lyon premises just a corridor's width from the development and hosting team, thereby ensuring fast information feedback and immediate action. Directly accessible and available, it monitors installations, manages number portability, and provides a telephone help line to administrators and users of our solutions.

Contacter le Service Clients



Technological Partnerships

We have entered into partnership with the biggest manufacturers and solution providers in the market in order to be able to give a joint response to all our customers’ requests while maintaining top quality. Let's take a look at some of these partnerships.



AVM Up products guarantee perfect integration with the MICROSOFT platform. We enjoy Gold Certified Partner status and Fax/Exchange  Connector certification.

  Dialogic® is the world's main provider of Media Processing technologies, with years of experience and constant investment in research and development. Dialogic offers its partners highly advanced technological products, facilitating the deployment of their solutions anywhere in the world.   After years of successful development on the IBM platform, AVM Up now has a communication gateway that integrates natively with the DOMINO environment and AS/400 production systems.




    TELISMA is the European leader in speech recognition for the call processing market. Using their products, we are able to develop very large scale telephone services based on vocal commands.    



Canon, business partner

Partenaire commercial

We provide CANON France with the faxing solutions (fax server with GLOBAL COM SERVER, hosted mode faxing with FAXBIS) offered in its catalogue. These products allow Canon to provide solutions that enable their customers' multifunction copiers and mailboxes to send faxes directly without the need for a fax card.